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Arakan Rohingya Union

Pennsylvania, United States



The Arakan Rohingya Union (ARU) is an umbrella group for Rohingya organizations from around the world. The ARU works to protect the rights of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.


Arakan Rohingya Union is a non-profit global umbrella organization representing  various Rohingya organizations worldwide with a mission to seek a political solution to the issues faced by the Rohingya ethnic minority in Myanmar/Burma, to reclaim their citizenship that guarantees their political and human rights, to foster relations between Rohingya and fellow ethnic groups of Myanmar, and to advance the Rohingya people through improvement of social, economical, cultural, and educational infrastructures. The Arakan Rohingya Union was formed on the agreed principles of an indivisible Arakan State within the territorial integrity of the Union of Myanmar, through seeking peaceful co-existence, democracy and human rights, and federalism.

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120 Meadowview Drive

State College, PA 16801

United States

PHONE: 571-297-3177


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