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Atrocities Watch Africa

Kampala, Uganda

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Atrocities Watch Africa (AWA) is a non-partisan, civil society organization and institution registered in accordance with the laws of Uganda as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in 2016. AWA intends to provide continental leadership in matters pertaining to the prevention of mass atrocities within Africa and beyond, through multi-pronged approaches that infuse ownership, legitimacy, and sustainable interface.

AWA’s strategic and approaches are grounded in the realization that atrocities can be prevented through various interventions, including, but not limited to, early warning mechanisms, diplomatic efforts, use of social media and new technologies, litigation, and advocacy campaigns. These methods are not exhaustive but are available at Africa’s disposal. Regrettably, there have been recurring atrocities under our watch with little preventive interventions.

The Board of Directors, Advisory Committee, and Staff of AWA are renowned human rights advocates, scholars, practitioners, and frontline activists covering the different regions of Africa, and beyond. The AWA mission is predicated on fighting impunity, ending commission of crimes, and holding accountable those responsible for such violations in Africa. International justice in Africa and the world has been more for elite conversations with limited interrogation of its efficacy, effectiveness, and efficiency in addressing atrocities without being seen as victor’s justice.

AWA intends to locate international justice in a realm of evolving continental approaches to atrocities and massive human rights violations, with the view of developing African capacities to handle such violations in future. Africa has untold stories of resilience and response to atrocities and post-atrocity management. It is AWA’s intention to document, share, and celebrate these positive developments.




     Plot 16 Kyambogo Way,
     Ministers’ Village Ntinda,
     P.O. Box 7785,
     Kampala, Uganda

PHONE: +256 751 25 99 52


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