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Fortify Rights

Maine, USA

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Fortify Rights is an non-profit, nongovernmental organization that works to strengthen the human rights movement through the rigorous defense and protection of human rights. Fortify Rights provides training and technical support to human rights defenders and conducts independent monitoring and strategic advocacy. By documenting and exposing human rights violations while teaming with activists to press for change at local, national, and international levels, it aims to fortify the human rights movement. Fortify Rights works primarily in Southeast Asia and is registered in Switzerland and the United States. 


Fortify Rights works to prevent and remedy human rights violations. They investigate and document abuses, provide customized technical support to human rights defenders, and press for solutions.




     Fortify Rights
     P.O. Box 110
     Belfast, Maine, 04915 USA


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What Fortify Rights does:

How do we create change?

We Investigate. We Engage. We Strengthen.

We use an innovative approach to bring laws, policies, and practices in line with human rights standards. When we investigate violations, engage people with power, and strengthen human rights defenders, change is possible.

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Updates from Fortify Rights:

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