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Yazda mission: Prevent and Assist: Yazda works to prevent future genocides against the Yazidi and other minority groups, and to support the recovery of communities affected by the 2014 genocide committed by ISIS. To achieve these goals, the organization employs a range of humanitarian, sustainable development, justice, advocacy, and cultural preservation initiatives and projects. Through these efforts, Yazda aims to protect vulnerable communities from harm, and to help survivors rebuild their lives with dignity and respect

Yazda's mission of humanitarian and sustainable development is centered on supporting vulnerable groups in North Iraq, particularly the minority communities. The organization operates across various sectors to address the needs of these communities, providing emergency assistance, protection services, health care, education, community outreach, agriculture, and livelihood support. Through its sustainable development projects, Yazda aims to address the long-term needs and challenges faced by these communities. These projects include supporting income-generating activities, agricultural development, water and sanitation systems, health care and education infrastructure, and environmental protection programs. By working in these areas, Yazda seeks to improve the livelihoods, health, and overall well-being of these communities, while also promoting sustainability and resilience in the face of ongoing challenges. Through its dedicated and compassionate efforts, Yazda serves as a vital partner in advancing the cause of humanitarian and sustainable development in North Iraq.

Yazda's advocacy mission is focused on raising international awareness about human rights violations and the genocide perpetrated against the Yazidis and other vulnerable groups in Iraq and Syria. The organization seeks to increase the visibility of these issues with key actors such as foreign governments, parliamentarians, the United Nations, and other relevant international organizations, in order to generate support and action on these issues. Yazda also supports several genocide survivors in their efforts to speak out on behalf of all victims of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide, and advocates for better services for survivors, including reparations. This may include efforts to secure financial compensation, psychological support, and other forms of assistance for survivors. Additionally, Yazda advocates for the rebuilding of the Yazidis' destroyed homeland in Sinjar and the Nineveh Plain, which were destroyed by ISIS, in order to help these communities rebuild their homes, communities, and livelihoods. Overall, Yazda's advocacy mission is focused on raising awareness about human rights violations and the genocide perpetrated against the Yazidis and other vulnerable groups, and on advocating for better services for survivors and the rebuilding of their destroyed homeland.

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