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ŠTO TE NEMA Newsletter

2023 has been a momentous year for ŠTO TE NEMA.

Our biggest accomplishment has been completing our feature length documentary film, Where Have You Been, with our partners at Pinch Media. Stay tuned for more info about world and regional premieres.

We are also delighted to announce we have expanded our Board of Directors to help us advance projects at home and abroad. Read more about our talented, multidisciplinary team here

Another major step forward for us was collaborating with Manifesto Gallery in Sarajevo to organize our first Benefit Art Auction in November 2023. 30 brilliant regional artists generously donated their artworks. All auction profits will provide critical support for our educational programs in Bosnia and Herzegovina next year.

Aida delivered a keynote address at the Why Remember Conference in Sarajevo; was a featured artist on ARTE TV (you can watch the program in French or German); contributed to the radioelsewheres project (you can listen to the conversation here); and collaborated with Lebanese author Yasmine Khayyat to lead a workshop for the Ellipsis Fold of Memory project.

Numerous meaningful workshops and partnerships filled the rest of our year: we attended the annual commemoration and conference at the Srebrenica Memorial Center; worked with high school students from Milan, and continued our partnership with Kuma International Summer School as part of our ŠTO TE NEMA Monument Lab.

As we look ahead, we are especially grateful for a new partnership with architect Arna Mačkić from Studio L A. After presenting our work at the Independent School for the City in Rotterdam, we will begin 2024 by launching a year-long research project as part of the Hidden (Hi)stories initiative by the Creative Industries Fund NL. We plan to develop a prototype for a digital archive that will challenge dominant historical narratives around the Srebrenica Genocide in Dutch public space. 

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