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London, United Kingdom

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Protection Approaches is a charity working to end all forms of identity-based violence. We are working towards a world where nobody is violently targeted because of their identity.  


We work with those who make and shape decisions in order to strengthen prediction, prevention, and protection approaches to identity-based violence in the UK and worldwide.


Our work is guided by international human rights law, humanitarian law and respect for human life and dignity.

Our values

We are committed to our mission of preventing identity-based violence worldwide.


We recognise that reaching our vision of a world free from identity-based violence is a long-term commitment and will be an incremental process, building upon the significant achievements of past human rights champions and in partnership with the diverse and vibrant global movement.


We  are committed to ensuring that all our work has real and meaningful impact. We use outcome mapping to monitor and evaluate our programmes and our own organisational development. This means we start with our vision of a world without identity-based violence and assess what solutions are needed before determining how and where to focus our activities. Our theory of change stems from this method.





LG03 Edinburgh House

170 Kennington Lane

London, UK

SE11 5DP

PHONE: + 44 (0) 20 3859 9509



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Our belief in human equality drives not only our approach and programme work but all aspects of our organisation.


Our beginning

Protection Approaches was established in 2014 to fill a gap in the UK’s third sector, where attention on the specific threats posed by mass atrocities had been lagging behind  civil society endeavours elsewhere. 

Updates from Protection Approaches:


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