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Institute for Research of Crimes Against Humanity & International Law

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Institute for Research of Crimes Against Humanity and International Law from Sarajevo is a public scientific institution engaged in analysis of crimes against peace, crime of genocide, and other grave breaches of international law from the historical, legal, sociological, criminology, economic, demographic, psychological, political, cultural, medical, environmental, and other aspects of relevance for the complete research of crimes. 

The Institute was established on 4 September 1992 based on Law Decree of the Presidency of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Official Gazette of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, No. 16/92), ratified at the Parliament of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina on 1 June 1994 (Official Gazette of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, No. 13/94). The Seat of the Institute is in Sarajevo. The Institute is a member of the Sarajevo University.

The focus of the Institute is particularly on research of:​

  • planning, preparation, commencement, and/or conducting the aggressor war or the war which violates international covenants, agreements, guarantees or participation in a common plan or conspiracy in perpetration of one of the cited actions;​

  • violation of war laws and customs of war; murder, torture or taking civilians from the occupied territory or to the occupied territory to a forced labor and any other reason; killing or ill-treatment of prisoners of war or dying persons; killing of hostages; looting of public or private property; deliberate destruction of towns and villages or wanton plundering not justified by necessary military needs;​

  • genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes against civilians; war crimes against the injured or ill persons; war crimes against prisoner of war; organizing of groups to incite the commission of crime of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes; unlawful killing and inflicting injuries of enemy soldiers; unlawful taking of belongings from the killed persons or those injured at the battlefield; use of unlawful combat means; inflicting injuries to the parliamentary; cruel treatment with the injured, sick and prisoners of war; unjustified delay of repatriation of prisoners of war; destruction of cultural and historical monuments; inciting to aggressor war; abuse of international signs; racial and other discrimination; enslavement and transport of enslaved persons; international terrorism; endangering of people under international protection; taking hostages, and other grave breaches of the rules of international law.

Contact Information



Aleja Bosne Srebrene bb
71 000 Sarajevo

PHONE: 387 33 561 350


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