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The Alliance works to create political will through:

Raising Awareness

Alliance member organizations maintain close contact with policy makers in key governments, the U.N., and regional organizations by providing them with information about genocidal situations.

Coalition Formation

Alliance members work in coalitions to respond to specific genocidal situations and involve their members in campaigns to educate the public and political leaders about solutions. 

Policy Advocacy

Based on field research and expert analyses, Alliance member organizations prepare situation reports, articles for public media, and campaigns to influence government policies, including options for action to prevent genocide, which they present to policy makers.

The Alliance’s Coordinator, Genocide Watch, is located near Washington, D.C., which permits it to work directly with U.S. government officials.  Alliance member organizations influence U.S., U.K. and E.U. foreign policy, a key to humanitarian intervention when genocide threatens. The Alliance has member organizations in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Israel, Iraq, Nigeria, South Africa, Cambodia, and over twenty other countries. It is an international effort that works with governments to create the political will for multilateral preventive diplomacy, rather than unilateral military intervention. 

If your organization is interested in joining the Alliance, please fill out this form. 

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