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Nadia’s Initiative

Washington DC


Rebuilding communities in crisis and advocating for survivors of sexual violence.

Nadia’s Initiative is on a mission to create a world where women are able to live peacefully, and where communities that have experienced trauma and suffering are supported and redeveloped. Nadia's Initiative advocates — at the local, national, and international levels — for resources and policy changes needed to protect and support survivors of sexual violence and rebuild communities in crisis. We collaborate with global leaders, governments, and international organizations to raise awareness and direct critical funding necessary to making positive, meaningful change.

Nadia’s Initiative works to end the use of women and girls as weapons of war and to ensure survivors’ voices are heard. We seek justice through fighting to hold perpetrators accountable for their crimes and to enable survivors to heal and rebuild their lives. Nadia’s Initiative also advocates to ensure that communities in crisis are not forgotten by working to restore basic resources, services, and security in fragile regions. Currently, we are focusing our efforts on rebuilding Nadia Murad’s ancestral homeland in Sinjar, Iraq, which was systematically destroyed by ISIS in 2014.

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