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Alliance for Peace in Eastern Congo


The Alliance for Peace in Eastern Congo is an advocacy coalition focused on the persecution of targeted minorities in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). We are an international, research-led advocacy coalition that seeks to increase awareness and understanding of the often overlooked experiences of minorities, including the Banyamulenge in South Kivu, Tutsi and other Banyarwanda in North Kivu, the Hema in Ituri, and the Batwa hunter-gatherers.

We produce reports and other materials that provide information, analysis, and insight and challenge narratives on conflict in eastern DRC. While we focus on ensuring the perspectives of minorities are heard, we are driven by the understanding that elevating the voices of marginalized groups in conflict settings advances peacebuilding for all communities affected. Our coalition emphasizes that it is in tackling the root causes of conflict, including exclusionary prejudices and processes rooted in colonialism, that a lasting peace can be brought to the region.

Currently, our core member organizations include:

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