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Bamyan Foundation

Washington, D.C.

Bamyan Foundation is dedicated to promoting and providing support in the following key areas: 

1). Education and Humanitarian Aid Initiatives in the marginalized and persecuted Hazara communities in Afghanistan; 

2). Community Development efforts to support the Hazara diaspora and the new evacuees in the United States; 

3) Hazara refugees scattered around the world;  

4) Our priority is to support women and girls in said three key areas.  

Bamyan Foundation partners with reliable grassroots leaders and community-led organizations that have demonstrated a sound track record of service and low overhead to create long term collective impact in the marginalized and underserved Hazara communities in Afghanistan; the Hazara diaspora communities in the United States; and in the Hazara refugee communities around the world. Its grassroots partner organizations are meeting a crucial, locally identified need in their respective host countries, and Bamyan Foundation will support their efforts. 

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