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Combat Genocide Association

Tel Aviv, Israel


The goal of the Combat Genocide Association is to stop and prevent all acts of homicide against any distinct group, minority, ethnicity, or nationality.

At the end of WWII, the world learned of the atrocities committed by the Nazis.  Appalled by the systematic murder of millions of Jews and other minorities, the world swore “Never Again.”  But despite awareness of the horrible history of genocide, humanity chose again and again to relinquish its oath, and stand idly by while genocides occurred numerous times since the Holocaust.It is sad to say that although the Jewish Holocaust was a unique event, being victims of genocide is something Jews have in common with many other nations. Genocide is a horrible human phenomenon that has taken the lives of about 250 million people in the last hundred years, while billions of others have been raped, expelled from their homes, or lost their families. It is hard to live with this terrible awareness, and therefore most people choose to ignore the existence of genocide. Even though knowledge and awareness of genocide is not enough, it is a necessary prerequisite for a struggle against the occurrence of more genocides and part of the vital elements that are needed in order to stop people from killing, helping those who kill, or even just being a bystander.

Despite this, Israel’s public and academic discussion of this subject is limited, and educational programs in schools and universities are very rare.

The Jewish people have a unique responsibility towards the fate of other nations that stand in danger of genocide. This responsibility obliges us to act. We must study, warn, prevent, and fight genocide in every region and country around the world, the conditions and circumstances be what they may.

As members of the Jewish people against whom the darkest and most systematic plot of destruction was conspired, and as humans that are concerned about the moral reality of our time, we see it as our obligation to work as much as we can to stop genocides and other acts of violence.

“The Combat Genocide Assoication” was formed by the Dror Israel Movement with one aim in mind: to fight against all forms of genocide. To achieve its aim the CGA works mainly in two ways:  1) Struggle against the indifference and silencing of the existence of genocide which allowed the world to stand idly by so many times in the past, and 2) Assisting genocide survivors around the world and in Israel.

Contact Information



Kibbutz Galuyot St. 120

Tel Aviv, Israel

PHONE: +972-3-5125100


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