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EMMA Organization for Human Rights

Erbil, Iraq


Emma is a Kurdish word that means “we”. The name of our organisation defines us as it is our principle to work together as one team and from different backgrounds and beliefs. It includes everyone.

Emma Organisation was established in 2013 by a group of women activists and experts in various fields, such as gender equality, law, education, health and mental health.

We are a non-profit organisation providing programs to the community in general, particularly women and vulnerable groups in the Kurdistan Region, on the following areas,

  • Gender Equality;

  • Rehabilitation;

  • Capacity Building; and

  • Development.

Vision:  A peaceful, secure, developed, and modern Kurdistan and a society that guarantees the full and equal participation of women.


  • Combat gender-based violence.

  • Eliminate all kinds of discrimination against women.

  • Empower women, displaced women and vulnerable groups.

  • Participation of women in decision-making and peace building.

  • Rehabilitation of Yazidis and other minority survivors from ISIS.

  • Mainstreaming the international convention and resolution principles into national laws and policies.

  • Integration of gender equality in the education system.

  • Eradicate FGM in Kurdistan.

Contact Information


PHONE: 009647507576444


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