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No Business With Genocide

Washington, DC

No Business With Genocide (NBWG) is a coalition-led campaign to end genocide worldwide. It is built around the simple idea that corporations should refrain or withdraw from doing business with regimes that engage in genocide and/or crimes against humanity. 

NBWG puts pressure on corporations in key sectors – principally oil, gas, timber, mining and banking – to stop supporting regimes complicit in genocide and crimes against humanity. 

Central to the campaign is the adoption of NBWG resolutions and laws by universities, religious denominations, and local and state governments.  For instance, a city would place restrictions on buying goods or services from corporations that do business with governments engaged in genocide. In this way, citizens can ensure that their city taxes don’t support genocidal governments. 

Click here to learn how you can organize a campaign in your hometown and home state.

Click here to learn how you can organize a campaign on your campus. 

The purpose of these resolutions and laws is to:

  • Educate people about genocide and crimes against humanity across the world.

  • Highlight corporations that support governments engaged in or considering committing genocide and/or crimes against humanity.

  • Put billions of dollars of university, religious institutional, and local and state government purchasing and investment power on corporations to prevent their support of governments engaged in genocide or crimes against humanity.

  • Provide a tool for students and citizens to take effective action to prevent genocide at their university, local town, and home state.

  • Build a global movement to end genocide and crimes against humanity worldwide.

Contact Information

No Business with Genocide

PO Box 48698

Washington, DC 20002

Phone: +1.617.596.6158

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