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Pacific Atrocities Education

San Francisco, California, United States of America


Our Story

Pacific Atrocities Education was formed in the Bay Area​ by millennial Chinese-Americans who were inspired by their grandparents' stories of World War II. They were stunned by the lack of mainstream awareness to the happenings in the Asia-Pacific Theater of the war, in which 26 million lives were lost.


Pacific Atrocities Education's mission is to increase awareness about atrocities committed in the Asia-Pacific Theater of World War II through public history projects. We believe that it is essential for future generations to learn about, understand, and share with others about this devastating chapter of our world story. Through publishing books, creating educational resources, and heading archival projects on topics such as Korean comfort women, the Bataan Death March, Unit 731, and the Nanjing Massacre, PAE is devoted to to helping survivors find closure and reconciliation for these painful memories. Along with this, we hope to increase the dialogue about complex contemporary issues surrounding human rights worldwide.

Contact Information

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