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PROOF - Media for Social Justice

New York, United States of America


PROOF is a New York City based non profit organization that envisions a world of upstanders.

PROOF’s mission is to help create a world of ‘upstanders’ through a three-pronged vision of education, research and advocacy. We bring together photographers, journalists, academics, students and activists from around the globe to create photo exhibitions, publications and educational workshops that document social injustices and empower people to act. Our exhibits and workshops aim to engage the broader public in conversations about human rights, peace and social injustice through firsthand testimonies and powerful visual narratives.

The subjects and stories of our exhibitions form the basis of PROOF’s educational programs. We believe that education is one of the most powerful tools we can use to change the world.

The heart of PROOF’s work lies in our photographs and visual stories. We produce exhibitions in partnership with universities and organizations around the world that highlight the untold testimonies of people who have stood up to human rights violations. These visual productions provide the impetus for ordinary citizens and policymakers to respond to injustice and to empower others.

Through worldwide teaching, exhibiting, storytelling and organizing, PROOF works to educate and empower individuals to effect change for the social good and advance the cause of human rights and social justice. By countering violence with positive action and raising our collective global consciousness with stories of moral courage, PROOF acknowledges and celebrates upstanders around the world.

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