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London, United Kingdom


Restless Beings formed in 2008. We are an international human rights organisation and registered UK charity dedicated to supporting the world’s most marginalised communities through advocacy, activism and holistic charitable projects. A voice for the voiceless, silenced and oppressed. We occupy the space between human rights advocacy (academia, policy, media) and humanitarian response (relief/aid, programmes). We believe this approach is key to affecting real change.

We are a committed, organised and passionate group of activists' - thinkers and doers with one mission which is to shed light on the struggles of persecuted communities and do everything within our means and resources to bring about a sustainable, tangible and meaningful difference. This is our mission and we do this by understanding, addressing and challenging the roots of the human rights issues faced by the communities we work with. With our ethos of grassroots change, we work in direct partnership with the communities and ensure our support is consultative and holistic.

Our vision is to see a balanced world where marginalised voices are heard, and the communities have better access to their rights - as outlined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. For many, having faced unimaginable violence, poverty and neglect, these basic rights, freedoms and pathways to justice is nothing short of a dream. Our work is centred on making this a reality. We are driven by an unshakeable faith in collective power and collaboration to make these changes - because together we are truly stronger.

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