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Shlomo Organization for Documentation

Erbil, Iraq


Shlomo Organization for Documentation (S.O.D) is an independent, non-profit, civil organization that provides services to all citizens without discrimination, and seeks to create a community awareness of the concepts of human rights through the definition of these concepts and the response to all cases of violations through monitoring, documentation and raising awareness of the community.

The organization has followed-up, monitored and documented the crimes committed against Christians by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) since 2003, in particular after occupying their territories on 9/6/2014.

SOD began its activities on 12 January 2016 by monitoring and documenting violations and crimes committed against Christians Assyrian Chaldean Assyrians and Armenians in their areas of residence in Mosul, Nineveh Plain, Sinjar (Shangal) and other areas in Iraq by ISIS through its field teams that have traveled to many areas where displaced Christian citizens have.

Mission Statement
Submitting the documents to the national and international specialized authorities in order to rehabilitate, compensate and protect the victims, and hold the criminals accountable and prevent the recurrence of such crimes, which amount to a genocide.

Provide support to displaced persons and returnees to their areas of residence. Prosecution, punishment of perpetrators. Provide material and moral compensation to those affected. Moral compensation includes the establishment of memorial museums for martyrs and victims without discrimination, and the unification of historical data and facts to form a solid and reliable memory of society.

Contact Information

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