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The Holocaust and Genocide Studies Project

Oregon, United States


Welcome to the Holocaust and Genocide Studies Project (HGS) at Portland State University. HGS recognizes systematized hate, and the dehumanization resulting from hatred, creates a pathway toward atrocity, throughout history and around the world.

HGS actively engages students, faculty and local communities in difficult conversations about the Holocaust, Genocide, and Crimes Against Humanity, in an effort to understand how they erode human security and degrade human dignity. We offer interdisciplinary perspectives that encourage ongoing discourse, communication, and understanding of the importance security and dignity issues, and the threats posed by global atrocities.

Each year HGS partners with other programs at Portland State University and local and national organizations to bring speakers, films, workshops and conferences to Portland in an effort to keep alive conversations about the Holocaust and other genocides, and to recognize all forms of bias and hate as the proven precursors to genocide and other forms of atrocity.

HGS is an active member of the Association of Holocaust Organizations and The National Higher Education Leadership Consortium of Directors of Centers in Holocaust, Genocide and Human Rights Studies, and operates in partnership with the United Stated Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education, the Never Again Coalition, and the Oregon Coalition Against Hate Crimes, among other local and national collaborators.

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