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Waging Peace

London, UK


Waging Peace campaigns against human rights abuses in Sudan, where protracted conflicts and poor governance continue to blight the lives of citizens.

We maintain our focus on Sudan even though international attention has moved on to other crises. But just because the outcry at the height of the genocide in Darfur has stopped, it does not mean the suffering is over.

We are committed to contributing to a Sudan that is at peace, that is diverse but inclusive, and that finally realises its potential as a beautiful country that has so much to offer the world.

Unfortunately, many Sudanese have been forced to flee persecution in their country. Many arrive in the UK needing guidance to navigate this new stage of their lives.

As part of our sister charity Article 1, our team supports Sudanese asylum seekers, refugees and the wider diaspora in the UK, helping them receive the services to which they are entitled, and to integrate and participate fully in British life.

Waging Peace and Article 1’s work is complementary, relying on the unique trust we have built with the Sudanese community after more than a decade of working closely together.

Our support and services are comprehensive and holistic, ranging from finding a destitute asylum seeker a winter jacket, to briefing Parliament, top diplomats and multilateral bodies on the situation in country.

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