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World Hazara Council (WHC)

Brussels, Belgium

The World Hazara Council (WHC) is an international, non-partisan, and non-political organization that represents Hazara communities globally.  It was formally inaugurated in 2013 following consultation with an extensive network of Hazara activists and civil society organizations from around the world.

The WHC aims to promote the cultural, social and civil rights of the Hazara people and to advocate on their behalf in the media, before governments, and with civil society organizations. We are an umbrella organization that aspires to represent the diversity of Hazara communities and organizations worldwide and to facilitate cooperation between them.

The Hazara-Shia minority has long faced persecution and the threat of genocide in Afghanistan, and this threat has escalated with the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan in 2021. The WHC aspires for Hazara to be free of persecution and to live in peace in Afghanistan and across the globe.

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