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ANCA: Hold Azerbaijan Accountable

See for yourself.

It’s all there – in red.

Our sacred Artsakh, emptied of Armenians (in light red).

Armenian lands under occupation by Azerbaijan (in dark red).

Thirty-one (31) villages are now under the control of Aliyev’s forces – who hold strategic heights along Armenia’s entire eastern frontier and several positions adjacent to Nakhichevan.

Every day Azerbaijan presses relentlessly across Armenia’s borders – demanding the unilateral turnover of multiple “exclaves,” vital transportation hubs that connect blockaded Armenia to Georgia and Iran.

As you read this note Azerbaijani bulldozers are destroying what remains of our Armenian heritage in Artsakh – from our sacred churches and cemeteries to historic sites and even our Parliament building.

You know as well as I do that they’ll do the same in Armenia – given the chance.

Make no mistake: The Turks are hell-bent on finishing the genocide they started in 1915.

Starting with Syunik. Then Gegharkunik, Vayots Dzor, Tavush – and eventually Yerevan (or the “Erivan Khanate” of “Western Azerbaijan” as Aliyev calls it).

It’s up to us – patriots across the global Armenian nation – to stand with our brothers and sisters, as a second army of the Armenian nation.

With your help we’re fighting to hold Azerbaijan accountable – enforcing sanctions, stopping arms sales, punishing war criminals, and creating a path for the secure and sustainable return of Artsakh Armenians to their indigenous homes.


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