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By Ngala Killian Chimtom

CAMEROON – A Catholic-inspired think tank has accused the Nigerian government at various levels of complicity in the killing of Christians by jihadist forces, while some observers predict Africa’s most populous nation may be on the brink of a “religious war.” At least 500 Christians have been killed in Plateau State since January according to Intersociety, a democracy and human rights advocacy group founded in 2008. Over the past 14 years, at least 52,250 Nigerian Christians have been brutally murdered at the hands of Islamist militants, according to the group. The director of Intersociety, Emeka Umeagbalasi, has accused the government of encouraging the bloodshed. “The level of violence is expected to continue and it has continued to rise because the authorities are fueling the crisis,” he said. “The authorities are behind the killings. The authorities have injected the security forces with jihadist bad blood, to the extent that the security forces have left what they are supposed to do and they started going after people who are not lawless citizens,” Emeka told Crux. He said that in addition to infiltrating the security forces, jihadist elements have also made their way into other government structures, which may account for what he called the current administration’s “nonchalant attitude.” He said that officials in the various branches of government “now sing jihadhist Islamic songs” and characterized the central government of Plateau State as “jihadist-oriented.” Those who don’t support jihadists, Emeka said, are removed from power and replaced with “stooges who may bear Christian names, but at the same time they are working for [the jihadist-oriented] government.” The persecution of Christians is not limited to the Plateau State. According to Emeka, Kaduna and Benue are also hotspots of Christian persecution in Muslim-dominated northern Nigeria where the state seems complicit..……… READ MORE

By Timothy Enietan-Matthew

ABUJA FCT - The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Mathew Hassan Kukah, has called on President Bola Tinubu to find a way to put a permanent end to the killings of Nigerians by whatever means or name Kukah made the call in his Christmas message with the theme, “Time to Reclaim Nigeria’s Greatness,” on Monday, adding that the President, having got what he always wished for as the President of the country, must use his wealth of experience to end the ugly instrumentalisation of religious, ethnic or regional identities The clergy also spoke on the 2023 elections and their consequences on the nation so far, calling on leaders on every front to, as a matter of urgency, find healing as soon as possible He explained that this is not an easy job for any nation, and there are no shortcuts to nation-building, adding that the last few years did test the nation’s collective resolve to stay united Bishop Kukah said: “Now, the government must devise strategies for achieving reconciliation, which has eluded us. “Our injuries are not invisible. Many national conferences have been held to chart a way forward. The trove of grievances and hopes is there, and all the government needs to do is to dust them up. No need to reinvent the wheel or attempt some new diagnosis. “Mr. President, the killings of Nigerians by whatever name must end and end now. These senseless killings, abductions, extortions, and kidnappings have to end, and the sacredness and sanctity of human life must be restored. Blasphemy laws have no place in a democracy. We are not in a theocracy.........READ MORE

By Yemi Kosoko

PLATEAU STATE - No fewer than seventy six persons were reportedly killed by assailants in fresh attacks on several communities of Bokkos and Barkin-Ladi Local Government Areas of Plateau State. Transition Implementation Committee Chairman of Bokkos Local Government Area, Monday Kasa, told Channels Television that the coordinated attacks occurred on Saturday and lasted into the Christmas Eve when residents were already in the festive mood. The local government boss explained further that the casualty figures is increasing as more dead bodies are been recovered by the team of security personnel, local vigilantes and hunters who are still going through the bushes combing the communities in search of missing persons who were ambushed during the attacks. He added that several houses were set ablaze by the attackers who also looted farm produce and destroyed properties in the process. Several houses were said to have been set ablaze by the attackers who also looted farm produce and destroyed properties in the process. The unprovoked attacks attracted the attention of Governor Caleb Mutfwang, who condemned the act and called for swift action and community vigilance in the communities. In a statement signed by the Director of Press and Public Affairs, Gyang Bere, the governor directed security agencies to promptly apprehend the perpetrators responsible for the heinous acts and ensure they face the full force of the law. The governor also urged members of communities across the state to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to security operatives for immediate action. Both the police force and the joint security task force Operation Safe Haven are yet to comment on the attacks as rescue operations are ongoing at the affected communities. ........... READ MORE

By Samuel Akpan

ABUJA FCT - The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has asked Nigerians to use the occasion of Christmas to strengthen the bond of love and unity. In a statement issued on Monday, the PDP said Nigerians should continue to be their brothers’ keepers despite the “hardship, pain and misery brought upon the nation” by policies of the federal government. “The party charges Nigerians to continue to be their brother’s keepers, especially at this trying time and not allow the hardship, difficulties and uncertainties imposed on the nation by the insensitive APC administration to change their caring nature,” the statement issued by Debo Ologunagba, PDP spokesperson, reads. The PDP claimed that “millions of Nigerian families are economically stranded, socially dislocated and can no longer afford their daily meals and other necessities of life, especially at this festive period”. “Our party is grieved that while families in other climes and nations are celebrating with joy, Nigerians are observing Christmas in hunger and misery because of the anti-people policies of the APC administration,” the statement added. The opposition party asked the national assembly to “be on the side of the people by cutting all provisions for luxury items” in the 2024 budget and “channel such funds to sectors that have a direct bearing on the wellbeing” of Nigerians. The PDP urged Nigerians not to “succumb to despondency” but to use the occasion and essence of Christmas to “offer prayers as well as renew their hope and trust in the divine intervention of God in the affairs” of the country. .......... READ MORE

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