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Sentinel Project: Digital Literacy Pilot Program

The Sentinel Project Launches Digital Literacy Pilot Program

The Sentinel Project is happy to announce the launch of a digital literacy pilot program in Kenya’s Tana Delta that aims to provide youth with skills that will allow them to counter incendiary misinformation which contributes to unrest and violence in one of the country’s poorest regions.

Historically, Tana Delta has experienced insecurity, mostly, as a result of competition for natural resources, injustices, political incitement, hate speech, misinformation, and lack of information resulting in inter-ethnic violence between farmers and pastoralists. The worst violent conflict was in 2012, prior to the 2013 general election, when hundreds of people were killed, villages burnt down, key service provision institutions like hospitals and schools were closed down, and thousands of people were displaced.

In recent years, Tana Delta youth have comprised the vast proportion of victims of all forms of violence in the county. The area has experienced sporadic attacks by al-Shabaab, which poses a risk of radicalization due to low levels of education and literacy rates especially among women, significant declines in investment in the region which has reduced job prospects for young people, a lack of employable skills, and a lack of alternative job opportunities.

With this pilot program, the Sentinel Project - in partnership with Amani CBO (a local community-based organization) and supported by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade - will empower young people in Tana River County by providing them with internet access and comprehensive training in information literacy.

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