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Pray for Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India

Indentured Servants freed from a brick factory in Pakistan

After years of bonded labor in a brick factory, 56-year-old Kousar Bibi and her twin daughters Tania and Sania are now free. The family got into debt with the Muslim brick factory owner when Kousar’s late husband needed medical treatment. Thanks to the support of CSI donors, Kousar’s debts have now been paid off, and she and her daughters have opened a grocery store that provides them with financial independence.

The women are overjoyed. "Being freed from bonded labor feels like the dawn of a new day," said Tania.

Let us thank God for this family’s new beginning.

Christian Convert discriminated against in Bangladesh

Lovelu Sadek converted to Christianity 10 years ago. Because Lovelu shared his faith openly, the family began to face opposition and in 2023 Lovelu’s son Emon was expelled from school. Emon now attends a different school 6 km away. CSI paid for a bicycle so that Emon can make the long journey to school. CSI also provided financial support to Lovelu to open a tea stall, which helps cover the family's living expenses.

Indian child rescued from human trafficking

In August 2023, an 11-year-old Christian girl, Manisha, was sold by her mother and Hindu stepfather to human traffickers in Delhi. Thanks to the rapid intervention of the CSI partner team, the child protection committee and the local police, Manisha was rescued before she could be trafficked. The young girl now lives with her grandparents, where she is safe.

Let us thank God that Manisha was rescued and pray that she will be able to live out her Christian faith freely.

Charges dropped against 2 people accused of blasphemy in Pakistan

A Christian woman, Mussarat Bibi, spent 23 days in prison after she and a Muslim colleague, Muhammad Sarmad, were wrongly accused of blasphemy against Islam. In May 2023, the two were freed on bail, but the charges against them were not dropped until December. Mussarat held onto hope throughout this time. “I knew that my Lord would save me,” she said.

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