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Hindus for Human Rights Newsletter

 Discussing Hindutva Within and Outside India

Dr. Aminah Al Deen discusses the effects of Hindutva ideology within and outside of India, with Dr. Rohit Chopra and HfHR Co-founder Raju Rajagopal.

Podcast Alert: Ganesha's Tusk Discusses War

In this episode, our young podcasters Samara and Amani explore the theme of war by relating the Mahabharata's Battle of Kurukshetra to current conflicts in Sudan, Israel-Palestine, and Ukraine-Russia, prompting listeners to contemplate the origins, costs, and consequences of war.

Participate in a Research Project

Dr. Ankita Nikalje from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee is conducting a research study on caste discrimination in the U.S. The survey, taking about 35-45 minutes, seeks to understand the prevalence and impact of caste discrimination. Participation is voluntary and you can withdraw your participation at any time. A $3 donation will be made for each completed survey to a chosen organization as listed above in the graphic.

Ram Temple Inauguration: A Crucial Test for Indian Politics

From the pen of our esteemed Advisory Board Member, Apoorvanand, comes a profound analysis of the rapidly approaching Ram Temple Inauguration on January 22. This event marks a critical turning point in India's political history. It reflects the deep-seated historical narratives and socio-political shifts that have been shaping India for decades. Explore this thought-provoking piece to grasp the full magnitude of this event's impact on the nation's future

Our Op-Ed on the Weaponization of "Hinduphobia"

Sravya Tadepalli and Sunita Viswanath of Hindus for Human Rights analyze the misuse of 'Hinduphobia' in the US, tracing its escalation from the "Dismantling Global Hindutva" conference backlash to its current use in silencing critiques of Hindu nationalism.

Janabai: Challenging Gender and Caste through Bhakti

The latest episode of the  "Voices of Love" video series features an enlightening exploration of Janabai, a revered medieval Indian saint-poet known for her profound contributions to the Bhakti movement. Janabai's Marathi poetry uniquely mirrors the life of a marginalized woman in both secular and spiritual realms, deeply entrenched in the Varkari tradition of Western India. Watch the video and read more about Janabai in our Blog.

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