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Hindus for Human Rights Weekly Digest


Gandhi Jayanti - A Moment For Introspection

Monday of this week was Mahatma Gandhi's birthday. As societies evolve, historical figures are often reevaluated in light of contemporary values and beliefs. Gandhi's teachings, his life, and his choices are no exception. However, even amidst these debates, one cannot deny the overarching influence of his philosophy on global peace, justice, and sustainable living. In essence, Gandhi Jayanti isn't merely a tribute to the man but an invitation to delve deeper into his teachings, understanding their relevance, strengths, and imperfections in today's context. For a deeper dive watch this thoughtful discussion with Harsh Mander, the Director of the Centre for Equity Studies in New Delhi that was organized by The Friends of Texas -- and explore Gandhi's complex legacy and its contemporary significance.


Solidarity Statement With Sikh Americans and Our Sikh American Partners

Since the Canadian government's assertions about the Indian government’s role in the killing of a Sikh Canadian, Sikhs around the world, including the US, have been concerned about their safety and human rights. It is vital to prevent a chilling effect on the practices of protected political expression & faith by Sikh Americans, and to stop bigotry and harmful perceptions. Read our Solidarity Statement with Sikh Americans and our Sikh American partner organizations surrounding the current environment of fear and uncertainty facing Sikh Americans.


Press Freedom Under Siege in India

AP Photo/Dinesh Joshi

Early morning raids were conducted by Indian authorities on October 3, targeting over 100 journalists, contractors, and former employees linked to progressive news platforms, including NewsClick, Peoples Dispatch, and Tricontinental Research Services. These unexpected searches spanned multiple cities including New Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, and Mumbai. Shockingly, around 50 of these individuals were detained for further questioning. With NewsClick known for its critical stance on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's administration, these events highlight the escalating challenges faced by independent media in India.

Dive deeper into the unfolding story:

Take Action

When Indira Gandhi’s government censored the press during the Emergency, Indian newspapers ran blank front pages in protest. Today, we urge you to share this black screen in protest against the Modi regime’s most recent assault on India’s free press.

Post your support of journalists on Social Media using the graphic below and the #BlackOutForPressFreedom. View our post here.


Help Us Combat Hindu Nationalist, Anti-Democracy Forces

As the only Hindu organization taking on Hindu Nationalism, we need your support!


Joint Statement on the New Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, and Jain Congressional Caucus

We denounce the formation of this caucus, which we see as a continuation of an attempt to form a Hindu nationalist caucus in June. If this caucus is successful, it will incalculably harm South Asian Americans, especially Muslim and Sikh Americans, and set back the fight for civil rights, including the fight to ban caste discrimination.


Desh Videsh at UC Berkeley

📢 Critical Conversations: India's Media Landscape

As 2024 elections near, India's media faces a crisis. Explore challenges for journalists & minorities, and the role of the South Asian diaspora in advocating for a free press. Let's champion journalistic integrity and seek solutions. #IndiaMediaCrisis2024 🔗 Event Registration


Muslims for Progressive Values Conference

Explore insights from the 2023 Muslims for Progressive Values Conference – a beacon of interfaith unity against religious extremism. Leaders and activists, including our own Sunita Viswanath, discuss challenges and the power of empathy.Read our recap


White House Roundtable

HfHR was proud to represent a Hindu voice at this year's White House Protecting Places of Worship Interagency Policy Committee (IPC), featuring a Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security (CISA) Faith-Based Facilitated Tabletop Exercise. We participated in a conversation on how to protect places of worship and faith-based organizations from attacks both offline and online, and learned how we can work in interfaith coalition to protect our communities from rising extremism around the US.


October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. South Asian SOAR has just released their inaugural comprehensive national data report—the State of the Field: Data from the Frontlines of the South Asian Gender-Based Violence Work. "This data isn't just groundbreaking; it holds the potential to reshape the landscape of support and services for South Asian survivors of gender-based violence."


Sant Namdev: A Torchbearer of Equality and Resistance Against Caste Hierarchies

Read more about the saint who scaled boundaries in 13th century Maharashtra and how the Bhakti Movement was a historical channel of resistance to oppressive hierarchies here.


Let us know what you think of our weekly digest! If you have ideas for news items you want to see included, or suggestions for action items or articles to highlight, let us know at

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