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By Stephen Enada

WASHINGTON DC - While much of the West remains focused on conflicts in Ukraine and Israel, a barbaric assault on Africans is taking place, yet this is hardly noticed. There is an active strategy by certain politicians and the mainstream media to cover it up. A struggle today for Africa launched by Islamic terrorists is something Western elites wish to ignore, even as thousands of innocents are being brutally murdered, raped, burned alive, and taken captive. It is mostly a war waged against black Christians by African Islamists—and therefore an awfully sensitive subject. The recent Christmas attack against Christians in Nigeria claimed the lives of almost 200 people, yet it was mostly ignored in the mainstream press. Some took notice when this centuries-old religious conflict flared in 1989, as Sudan's jihad slaughtered 2.5 million Christians and enslaved perhaps 200,000 more. It ended only in 2005, when the U.S. helped broker a peace deal; in 2011, the south succeeded and become South Sudan, the world's newest nation. More recently, Islamist attacks have spread where Islamic and Christian societies intersect: Mozambique, Niger, and Mali. In Darfur, there is a bit of a twist: Arab jihadists are slaughtering and enslaving Black people who converted to Islam long ago, but refuse to adopt Arab culture and language and who, in addition to being thought of as racially inferior, are not considered real Muslims. Since the mainstream media is mostly absent, people in the West do not know that these African communities are continuously facing attacks that look very like the widely seen Hamas raids. Yet any decent reporter can easily see the pattern—Islamic jihadists throughout Africa, driven by the near-identical supremacist ideology, storm our villages, slaughter our people with guns and knives, rape our women, and take dozens into captivity. .......READ MORE


By Luka Binniyat

KADUNA - Flipping the script on persecuted Nigerian Christians who are starting to get the attention of world leaders, the man accused of leading the pogroms against them has founded a Fulani Self-Defense Group. Alhaji Bello Bodejo, the Nigerian head of the controversial Cattle Cartel called Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore (MAKH) said on Jan 17 that his new 2,000 man vigilante group will take a bite out of crime. Yet his exclusive socio-cultural group of Nigerian Fulani Muslim herdsmen stand accused of heinous crimes against Nigeria Christians, including the murder of 295 unarmed Christians in Plateau State a month ago. With the applause of Nigerian Police and Army brass at a public event in Lafia, just 75 miles from Abuja, Bodejo announced recruitment 2,140 members in the Nigeria Middle Belt state of Nasarawa . He says he hopes to arm it in the future and create parallel Fulani militia in every state of Nigeria, TruthNigeria can confirm. The group, named Nomadic Vigilante, whose members were dressed in deep green uniform and black beret, seems to have the endorsement of the Federal Government of Nigeria, though the Federal Government has not issued a statement to that effect yet, The Nigeria Army and the Nigeria Police Force sent their representatives to endorse the creation of the group. ......... READ MORE


By News Hub

ABUJA FCT – A Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Niyi Akintola has alleged that a state governor had claimed that the Chinese miners upon receiving licenses from FG, are provided with military and DSS personnel as escorts when transporting explosives. He stated that they shield their activities, even from neighboring communities. While he refrained from naming individuals but he disclosed that a significant number of state governors have expressedd their frustration on the issue at hand. Urging for action, he proposed a solution, suggesting that even if solid minerals remain under the exclusive list, the state governor and local government chairman in areas with such minerals should have a role. Specifically, he noted that they should be informed about the quantity and storage locations of explosives brought into their state. He said in an interview with Channels TV, ''I don't want to call names but I know the number of governors that have come in to express their frustration over this issue. We have to do something about it. Yes if Solid minerals will remain under the exclusive list, the state governor and the local government Chairman where those minerals are located must have something to do. They must know the number of explosives you are bringing into their state. They must know where you are keeping them. A governor said after giving these Chinese miners licenses, they give them Soldiers and DSS to accompany them. So when they are taking the explosives to the site they will be shielded. Not even the neighbors will know what is happening.' ……….. READ MORE


By Simon Deng

SUDAN - My name is Simon Aban Deng. I am from South Sudan. I am a Shilluk. I am a Christian. I am a former slave. I will not forget that day when Arab Sudanese government troops came and raided my village. We didn’t know what was going on until we heard gunshots from every direction. I was only 9 years old, but the militiamen were shooting anybody they saw, including children. Myself, my family, and five of my friends had to run. But the Arabs ran after us: While we were running, they shot two of my friends. We ran wildly, not knowing where we were running. We just wanted to get away from these men, and the bullets, chasing us.

We ran until they disappeared. We then spent the night in the bush, terrified, and wondering if we would see these men again. A relative of mine who was pregnant had escaped the village with us, but she couldn’t run like the other people. She collapsed from exhaustion as we were running, but we had to leave her, knowing that the Arabs would catch us if we tried to carry her or run at her pace. In the morning, as we returned to our village—wondering if it was still standing—we found that she had been eaten by wild animals during the night. When we got there, the elders who were able to escape returned to bury the dead and try to save whatever the Arabs had not destroyed. And they had destroyed plenty. .........READ MORE

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