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STAND Annual Report: 2020-2021

From STAND's Student Directors:

This year has tested the commitment and resilience of STAND's student leaders in many ways.

Despite the many challenges they have faced, our Managing Committee (MC), State Advocacy Leaders (SALs), Action Committees (ACs), and Chapters have risen to the occasion - making it clear that youth care about global atrocity prevention even when encountering chaos in their own lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID also led us to lean in to our STAND family. We have prioritized community care and developed deep relationships with our teammates despite being unable to meet in person. Through a variety of successful campaigns, advocacy, and education events, we believe that STAND has made a significant impact this year.

We have also seen and experienced the impact of STAND in our own lives as it has provided us with opportunities to take a stand on issues we are passionate about, improve our leadership, and grow our skills.

From lobbying on Capitol Hill to directing campaigns to hosting educational calls on important areas of ongoing atrocity, we can confidently say that STAND has equipped us and young people across the country for a future of continued impact on these issues.

See full report here:

2020-2021 STAND Annual Report
Download PDF • 16.50MB

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